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When we arrived at Columbia virtually everyone had a Blackberry.  It was as if all the ivy league nerds were already preparing for their futures as economists and investment bankers as they clicked away incessantly on BBM and e-mail.  The real Blackberry addicts truly believed that BBM was different than texting and that those without Blackberrys were undeserving of cellular contact, because who actually used a Blackberry as a phone?

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Senior Night

We can’t believe it’s taken us so long to write a post about Senior Night, considering it is the best (and maybe only good) part of going to Columbia.  What makes Wednesday nights at Havana Central so consistently fun?

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Where’s Winter?

 Although the LA constituency here at CU is probably loving this awkward hovering-around-40-degrees snowless winter, we have to admit that we are a little disappointed in the lack of hardcore winter. Why? Fashion of course.  Half the reason we decided to go to school in NYC was because we knew that we would be judged for our impeccable fashion sense in cities like Boston and DC.  Only on the streets of New York is it ok to go to class in high-heeled booties, tights, a sleek black dress, Michael Coors peacoat, and matching hat and muff.  However, this weird, kind of rainy, kind of warm, but actually still really cold weather is throwing us off.  It isn’t cold enough to complete our fabulous winter getups with our cashmere scarf, hat, and mittens set, and our feet are getting to warm in our boots.  There are only two ways to deal with this kind of off-putting obstacle. 

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How to Spend Valentine’s Day…Alone

If it’s not enough that the day after Christmas all the local drug stores, cafes, and department stores start busting out their obnoxiously pink Valentine’s specials, then all we have to do is remember that we are single or in a long-distance relationship to remember why we hate Valentine’s Day.  We are totally fine being a strong and independent, braving the big city on our own, and then Hallmark comes in and tells us that we’re actually supposed to be doing all this with someone else.  Specifically a nice, cute boy who buys us chocolate and flowers on the reg. So whether we’re single or our boyfriends don’t live here, we need to figure out how to spend a holiday built for two alone. 

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What We Missed and Didn’t Miss

Now that we are back into the full swing of classes, homework, procrastination, and constant stops at Pinkberry, we remember all the things we missed, and didn’t, while we were away from Columbia.

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Goodbye Vacation

The first week back after winter break can still feel like winter break, even amongst the back to school angst, frantic purchasing of books, and constant harassment of professors who claim their classes are full. 

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These 1000-calorie treats are the new Pinkberry.  It seems like every café in New York sells giant, extravagantly embellished cupcakes.  There are the classics like the Hostess treat cupcake and Tuxedo cupcake.  Then there are some very creative slash questionable creations like Cookie Monster cupcake (sold at Artopolis complete with a small face of cookie monster in blue frosting) and peanut butter cookie dough cupcake (we’re making cupcakes, people, not ice cream flavors). 

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New York City provides people with a lot of fake stuff.  Fake designer handbags, fake highlights, fake boobs, and desserts with fake sugar are just a few of the counterfeit products people can obtain on the streets.  However few businesses are as rampant as the ones for fake IDs.

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How To Eat A Slice Of Koronet’s Pizza

Eating a slice of Koronet pizza is a process and an art form.  Its gigantic size can prove a challenge for our dainty fingers and drunken stupors that often accompany its consumption.  Therefore it is crucial to keep a few tips in mind when attempting to conquer a slice.

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